Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Eiffel Tower


$5 Steak Dinner

Our Hotel

Sushi buffet

Nice Label

Massage Chairs

A little soy sauce with Rob's wasabi.

Rob hits it big at Wheel of Fortune


In vegas with a couple nuts.

One day in vegas and Dan's pregnant already.

Dressed in Black




Nice car.

Auto showroom

This seemed a lot funnier at the time.


The gents.

Roberto makes his move.

Penis tower w/ balls

Winnings from the second tourney.

Dan and my winnings.

Maredsous... woot!

Look at those pipes

The mangled remains

Beer fridge

Now I will eat you!

Lobster Death

Chillin on the porch



Tree fort

The farmer's market boat up close

The farmer's market boat

Swinging off the dock

Passed out on the rocks

Me and our Hostess

Beetle Sex

Serena's House

Serena's Boat (the one in the middle)

Beautiful Maine

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cathedral Door in Luasanne

Chateau Chillon

Lake Geneva from inside Chateau Chillon

City in the Valley

Mont Blanc

Rare Flower